1. YOUR DETAILS - Rates and other commonly requested details are easy to find on this website. Please read everything before getting in touch with questions.  To check dates, go to our CALENDAR page.  If someone is already booked on the day you want, check the times - we may be able to get you in before or after.  We can do evenings up to midnight. If you want to see the studio first, give us a call to arrange a tour!

2. USE EMAIL - To book, we prefer email over a phone call: But if you need a quick answer, call studio manager, Brock Fricker, at 416-939-4232 10am to 10pm. We use email as a way to keep track of who is who and any shoot details, so we will need email contact eventually anyway.

3. WHO ARE YOU? - Provide your full name and the name of the company producing the project (if applicable). Please provide your cell phone number.

4. SHOOT DETAILS - Describe some details about what you are shooting, the setup you require and the number of people who will be in the studio. Stills? Video? Live sound? Strobes? Continuous lights? Model shoot? Music video? Need background paper? etc.

5. WHICH STUDIO? - Indicate which of the two studios you want to book.  The differences between the two and the differing rates is described on the 2 STUDIOS page.

6. STUDENTS - If you want to book using the Student Discount (25% off), please provide the name of the school, the name of the course, and other details about the relevance of your project to your course. Please be truthful - don't ask your student friend to book for you so you can shoot clothing you are selling online. If possible, take a photo of your student card and attach it to the email.

7. ONE PERSON -  To avoid confusion, a booking request email should normally be sent by the person who is responsible for the project, will be there on the booking date, is responsible for signing the agreement and release that day and will pay for the rental.  Let us know in advance if we will be dealing with more than one person (remember, we are already dealing with dozens of people for various bookings at any one time and it can get confusing).