Workshop lead by Robert Bergman

Do not be embarrassed if you have been almost fully relying on the auto settings of your modern digital camera and never fully grasped the creative potential of taking control over those f-stops and choosing your own shutter speeds.  How do all those things relate?...f-stop aperture, shutter speed, the ISO the camera is set to, the amount of light (foot-candles) hitting the subject and the particular luminance range of your subjects. It is actually not so difficult to understand and we will go through a complete demonstration in the studio, with simple explanations, and a large viewing screen so you can see exactly what is going on.

And we'll look at how the choices of settings affect the range of focus (depth of field) and motion blur of moving subjects, and a number of other factors you might not have thought of.

We will have a model and you will be able to shoot shots with your own camera.

If you expect to work as a pro and really know what is going on in your camera, and really control your resulting images, you need to know the fundamentals we will go over in this workshop.

Come out for a fun short evening.  Bring your camera.  Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

This is a FREE workshop at Studio Cozy.

Robert You can contact us directly about attending, but we recommend you RSVP through